Message from the President – BGEA Constitution & ByLaws

Dear BGEA Members,

I have shared the 2016-2017 BGEA Governing Documents with you. (They are also included at the bottom of this note if you need to access them.)
Our BGEA Constitution clarifys our purpose, describes our structure, and provides the foundation for building an effective association.
Our BGEA Bylaws explain how we, as a union, conduct our business in an orderly manner.
Our BGEA Policies are clear and simple statements that provide a set of guiding principals to help with decision making.
Kim Mead, at the Governing Documents workshop I attended described the documents like this:

  • The Constitution is the foundation.
  • The Bylaws are the walls.
  • The Policies are the decor.

Your Building Representatives will be voting to ratify the revised Governing Documents at the November 30th Rep Council meeting.

Please give any comments/concerns to your Reps or email them to me.
Sincere thanks are owed to the Governing Documents Committee and the Executive Board for the thoughtful time and energy they contributed to the revisions.


BGEA Constitution 2016 DRAFT

BGEA ByLaws 2016 – DRAFT

BGEA Policies 2016 – DRAFT