December 8

Nominations for WEA RA

Nominations for WEA Representative Assembly are now open. They will remain open until the January 28th BGEA Rep Council meeting.

When: April 23-25, 2015
Where: Bellevue–Meydenbauer Center

BGEA can have a total of 16 delegates attend (12 delegates and 4 successors).
I will be attending in my role as WEA Board Director for Riverside, and thus I am not figured into the count for BGEA.

BGEA will pay for the cost of lodging (double occupancy) as well as mileage (carpool is expected), meals and sub costs.

The WEA Representative Assembly is the body which directs the business of the state-wide organization for the next year. Members propose, debate and vote on new business items. Those attending represent the entire BGEA membership.

Anyone in good standing with the Association may be nominated. A ballot will be put forth the first week of February to determine delegates and successors.

As a rep to the RA, you are required to attend all business sessions and actively participate in the follow-up of the RA. It is important to consider that the actions done at the RA will impact us next year.

For example, the delegates to the 2014 WEA RA approved going ahead with getting I-1351 on the Ballot. It is expected that those who attend the RA also participate in follow-up activities.

If you would like to be nominated or have someone you’d like to nominate, please send me an e-mail with their name and school. You may self-nominate if you’d like.

~Ted Schelvan


December 4

TRS Plan 3 Changes!!!



In the interest of fair choice…  Please remember that there are many choices.   If you log into the BGSD Benefits site, you will get the attached approved vendor list.  This list is old (2009) so phone numbers may not be good.  The district HR department may have newer info.

The retirement plans link have forms like beneficiary change forms.  It is a good idea to check your accounts to see if things are organized as you wish them to be regarding beneficiaries, amount of contribution etc.  You can log in to see how your accounts are going.  There are also retirement calculators that help you plan.

If you want to know good investment advisors— ask your peers, family members etc.    You can interview advisors as well.

This choice you make this January is important.   BGEA wants you to know your choices.

To make this even easier, here is the third-party district website for benefits:

Password is:   BGSD

From the left hand menu, you can connect with many good resources.   Use the Retirement ones and the annuities and deferred compensation links to review  choices.

Don’t forget that credit unions, banks and newspapers have great retirement info resources as well!


December 3

Montgomery County School Chief Joshua Starr’s Biggest Problem—Everyone Wants to Go to His Schools

This is a great article about the Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Ted Schelvan (BGEA President), Cheryl O’Dell (PSE), Amy Wright (BGEA), Diana Harris (Principal) and Lynn Davidson (WEA-Riverside) were able to hear him speak when they attended a training in September.


Montgomery County School Chief Joshua Starr’s Biggest Problem—Everyone Wants to Go to His Schools 

December 3

November 4

Most Excellent POLI-SPARKS Opportunity!

WEA-Riverside is offering an opportunity for 40 teacher and school employee folks to participate in an At Home Political SPARKS activity.

I am confident you would find this opportunity interesting, fun, and engaging.

I hope you will take a look at the attachment and consider attending.

WEA Riverside will pay for all related expenses, and create a very active, memorable, empowering experience for all involved!

We are hoping to offer 20+ clock hours for this experience.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Lewison, WEA-Riverside UniServ Director at

RSVP by clicking this link and saving your spot today! CLICK HERE

October 29

Plan 3 Retirement Changes

Hello! Please see the attached flyer (click here) for information about Plan 3 Retirement changes taking effect January 2015. If you have any questions, please contact:

Cassie Johnson, CFP® | Financial Advisor
Oregon District

1800 SW 1st Ave, Suite 420 | Portland, OR 97201
Cell: 360.901.9063| Fax: 877.411.0842
cassie.johnson (at)

September 30

Certification Changes

Washington Education Association: Strengthening Washington's Public Schools
Sept. 29, 2014

Beginning this school there are a number of changes related to educator certification renewal that we want to bring to your attention for planning purposes.

Change is continuous in the K-12 education licensure world. In the last 15-20 years Washington has moved from a single-tiered system to our existing two-tiered system (Residency/Professional). This requires passing the Pro-Teach assessment to gain the Professional Certificate. Below are brief descriptions of recent changes and direct links to the most up-to-date information. Please check it out today. Failing to renew or maintain your license now could result in being unable to renew it for five years!

Licensure changes that are now coming into effect:

  • Professional level certificates issued after Sept. 1, 2014, for teachers, administrators, school counselors and school psychologists can now only be renewed by completing four annual Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) during the five-year validity dates of the certificate.
  • The four options for certificate renewal remain for teachers, school counselors and school psychologists who hold professional level certificates issued prior to Sept. 1, 2014.
  • Continuing level certificate holders continue to have four options for renewing the certificate.

We now finally have an online e-cert program for K-12 education licensure. Educators can apply online for their first license, renew existing licenses, store important information, etc.

There also is a new STEM requirement for some certificate holders. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) will be issuing initial Rules at their September meeting. These new requirements from the Legislature will not have to be completed until the 2019 school year.

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) is comprised of active educators. It is the only education policy board in our state that has teachers, ESAs, principals, superintendents and college education faculty as its members. PESB has a specific website which provides helpful information and the latest changes to the Washington licensure system. Visit PESB’s website for more information on licensure.

Updates of additional changes also will be posted on